Are you hankering for the best barbecue ribs in Little Rock, AR? Look no further than Shorty Small's, a family restaurant and all-time local favorite establishment. We serve the best in Southern-style cuisine, plus other American classics with a Shorty's twist. Whether you are hungry for some lunch, or you need to take the family to dinner, Shorty Small's has you covered.

Our menu features a diverse selection of dishes and desserts, so there is always something for even the most discriminating diners. All our meals are prepared using the freshest of meat and produce, meaning we never use frozen ingredients. Each dish is lovingly stacked with generous portions, perfect for large groups who prefer to share, or for those lone diners with large appetites.


While it is true that appetizers are meant to whet your appetite, we serve them large and delicious for you and your family or friends to share and enjoy. We serve all-time favorites such as nachos, potato skins, and mozzarella sticks that kids will surely love. For a taste of the South, we recommend fried chicken livers, fried green beans, and fried mushrooms.


Who says eating healthy cannot be filling and delicious? Short Small's selection of salads are all loaded with fresh vegetables for that crisp texture and flavor. Each salad is carefully topped with a dressing that brings out the taste in the veggies-never complain about bland salads again!


Our sandwiches are good for quick lunches, or even as snacks. Taste our version of the classic Pulled Pork Sandwich, or savor our take on the Monte Cristo. Looking for a healthier (or fancier) option? Try our Avocado Chicken Sandwich, or the Turkey Club Croissant; they taste as good as they look.


The hamburger is an American staple, and is a perfect recipe as it is. We do not tamper with the original formula too much to deliver familiar tastes that will certainly make you come back for more…except for the half-pound Kitchen Sink Burger, which we shamelessly pile on with as much ingredients as possible to give you a burger experience like no other.


What is great about pasta is that there is no limit to the possible combinations of noodles, sauce, and toppings. Visit our restaurant today, and let us show you our creative and original take on this beloved Italian-American tradition. Our familiarity with Southern flavors will surely surprise your taste buds.

Chicken and Seafood

Do you prefer white meat and/or seafood over beef and pork? Shorty Small’s has you covered with its menu of delicious chicken and seafood offerings. We are proud to serve what is considered the best chicken tenders this side of Little Rock, AR. We also invite you to try our fried catfish as well, or even both at the same time.

Ribs, BBQ, and Steaks

This is the literal and figurative meat of our menu. We proudly serve some of the tastiest ribs, steaks, and barbecue you will ever have. Come and have a taste of traditional Southern BBQ with our pulled pork and brisket options, or savor the BBQ ribs that have made our restaurant so famous. Looking for that uniquely Southern dish? Try the Chicken Fried Steak.


Shorty Small's serves lunch specials that rotate every day. Soups of the day, burgers, sandwiches, and even a basket of pork fritters-you might even discover a dish that gives you reason to visit us on specific days of the week! Why not try something new today with our specials

Kid’s Menu

All of the meals on our kid’s menu are just as delicious as any of the other dishes we serve. Do you have a child who is a picky eater? A young one whose appetite is not quite ready yet for large portions? This menu will be perfect for your kid.


Enhance your meal with our fine selection of sides. Veggies, potatoes, rice, slaw, mushrooms, shrimp, beans, bacon-you name it, we will add a side on any of your dishes.


Top off your gastronomic adventure with our desserts. Try our homemade pies and cakes to refresh your palate, or sample an unconventional but toothsome Southern creation: the Deep Fried Twinkie.

Shorty Small’s has locations in Little Rock, AR, Oklahoma City, OK, and Branson, MO. If you have any questions for us, you may visit our contact us page and submit a completed form.

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